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The integrity and transparency of the Hempel Foundation is crucial for good governance. Therefore, we have established the following two whistleblower schemes. One is concerning incidents in the Foundation. The other concerning incidents within the Foundation's beneficiaries.

Concerning the Foundation

It is possible to anonymously report serious offenses or suspicions thereof committed by employees, the executive management or the Board of Trustees of the Hempel Foundation.

You can read more and report here:

Concerning beneficiaries

The Hempel Foundation is obligated to ensure that the Foundation's donations are used according to the conditions laid down by the Hempel Foundation. This whistleblower scheme makes it possible to anonymous report a beneficiary's abuse of the Hempel Foundation's donations or suspicion thereof.

You can read more and report here:

These schemes are established as part of the Hempel Foundation's compliance policy and only apply to the Hempel Foundation.

Hempel A/S has its own whistleblower scheme available on the company's website.