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How we run the Hempel Foundation

The Hempel Foundation’s Trust Deed defines the overall principles for the Foundation’s activities. In addition, the Hempel Foundation is governed by a set of Rules of Procedures for board work and an Annual Wheel on planning of work during the year.

Regarding the recommendations from the committee for good governance in foundations, the Board of Trustees has made a full report (in Danish) to be found on our domestic website.

Purpose of the foundation and ownership structure of Hempel A/S

According to the Trust Deed, the Foundation's primary purpose is to provide and maintain a solid economic base for the Hempel Group companies, and to ensure that the companies are able to operate on a sound business and financial basis. This is of greatest importance since the Foundation is the 100 per cent owner of the Hempel Group companies.

According to the goals stated in the Trust Deed, the policies and priorities adopted by the Foundation for its activities, including decisions on the extent of Foundation support for charitable purposes, are to be focused primarily on the continued ability to provide a solid financial base for the optimum business performance of the Hempel Group.

Conflict of interest

The Foundation is committed to ensuring that all persons involved in its investment and donation processes possess the requisite skills. The Foundation makes sure to avoid any potential conflict of interest. The aim is to ensure the integrity of decisions made on investment proposals and donation applications.

In addition to the Employability Act's requirements for eligibility, the Trust Deed and the Rules of Procedure contain provisions for disability, whereby board members may not participate in decisions regarding distribution to parties where the board member has an interest.

Trust deed of the Hempel Fondation

Transparency and visibility

In the Hempel Foundation, we work proactively to be transparent in our work. This means that we continuously share knowledge about the Foundation's work in general with the public, and we strive to do so in easily accessible formats.

The goal of transparency is openness concerning results, processes and priorities, and that we actively strive to provide full insight into the Foundation's philanthropic activities and financial dispositions. As for business matters, there may be concerns that require confidentiality, prohibiting full disclosure.


The Chair of the Board is entitled to speak on behalf of the Foundation and the Board. The Executive Director of the Foundation is entitled to inform the media concerning facts related to his fields of responsibility; other statements to the media must only be given after approval by the Chair of the Board.