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2021 - Building a stronger foundation

In 2021 the Hempel Foundation donated EUR 19.6 million. We strengthened the organisation in the Foundation. We have reinforced and further professionalised our financial section. We upgraded our process guidelines and tools to achieve operational excellence.

And three new specialists were hired in 2021 to support our capacity and catalytic potential.


2021 was the first year of our revised Education strategy, in which we focus on getting children back to school after long lasting Covid-19 lockdowns. We have delivered on the strategy with learning interventions at scale, catch-up classes, remedial learning and education technology. 

We committed grants to 7 new projects with a total value of DKK 66.6 million supporting 200,000 children and launched a regional initiative Elimu Soko to catalyse cost-effective solutions to fighting learning poverty at scale in Southern and Eastern Africa.  


In 2021, we revised our Nature strategy to focus and further strengthen our efforts to sustain biodiversity by reducing deforestation at scale, increase financial resources for conservation and catalyse collaboration. 

We are supporting projects in Key Biodiversity Areas within 8 countries covering more than 2.2 million hectares and aim to have significantly contributed towards sustaining biodiversity in 5 million hectares of tropical forest by 2030. 


2021 was a good year for Hempel Foundation Coatings Science and Technology Center (CoaST). Despite still being affected by COVID-19 restrictions, CoaST has continued building the activity level within improved sustainability in the life-cycle of industrial coatings.  

At the end of the year, 25 PhD students were active and CoaST is now among the largest coatings research groups worldwide. 

Donations by application

We donated EUR 2 million in 2021 to 57 organisations that applied for support.