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Our donation strategy: Making a difference

We support various projects and initiatives - partly as strategic partners and partly as less engaged donor by application.

Our goal is to make the largest impact possible with our funds

To achieve this, we have divided our strategy in two.

One part is strategic in that we work catalytically in partnerships with highly specialised organisations to solve specific problems within:  


We want to empower children living in poverty to learn and unfold their potential


We want to improve efficiency and environmental sustainability in coatings


We want to sustain biodiversity

The other part involves philanthropic donations by application to organisations who show initiative to drive positive change.

It can be very difficult for organisations, especially small ones, with great ideas to get funding. For this reason, we support a variety of organisations with initiatives that bring about positive change – primarily within:

  • Helping and promoting social inclusion of vulnerable children and youth in Denmark and Greenland
  • Activities at sea
  • Initiatives for talented individuals within entrepreneurship

 Learn more about our fields of application

In 2019, the Hempel Foundation donated a total of DKK 158 million , within the fields Education, Science, Nature and Applications.