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Access to quality basic education in Saboba, Ghana

We empower children in rural areas of Ghana by giving them access to quality basic education that allows them to become active and responsible citizens.

  • Where
    Saboba, Ghana
  • Focus area
  • Duration
    6 years
    April 2013 - March 2019
  • Economy
    Hempel Foundation: DKK 5 million
Prime partner: OxfamIBIS

There are 10,000 children out-of-school in the Saboba district (source: GSS, 2010 PHC) and for those children attending school, learning outcomes, especially in reading is poor due to inadequate numbers of teachers with requisite professional competence. In Saboba district, the average Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) at the primary school level is 1:55 as compared to the national standard of 1:32 and out of a total number of teachers of 562, about 174 (31%) of them had no professional training.

To address these problems Hempel Foundation has been working with OxfamIBIS since 2012 to support the implementation of wing schools as a form of complementary education. 

The project supports the building of new schools and provision of learning materials, training of teachers and support parents to participate in school management committees and take responsibility for their children’s education. The ultimate aim of the wing school model is that schools become fully integrated into the formal system and taken over by the Ghana Education Service.