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Create a better life through education for girls and boys in Dara, Ethiophia

We want to contribute to the improvement in learning outcomes and wellbeing of vulnerable girls and boys by strengthening their learning environment including their possibilities to participate and develop their life skills.

  • Where
    Dara, Etiopien
  • Focus area
  • Duration
  • Economy
    Hempel Foundation: DKK 13,2 million
Prime partner: SOS Children's Villages

Ethiopia has made progress in education but still only 65% of children actually attend primary school regularly mainly because of poverty, seasonal child labour, and lack of parental care. An estimated 4 million children of primary school-going age around the country are not in school. In the district of Dara where this project unfolds poverty remains deep rooted and the main cause of children losing parental care as well as losing access to education. Public schools are generally available, but not always accessible for children living without parental care and/or in extreme poverty.

An estimated 4 million children in the primary school age around the country are not in school

The project improves the capacity of teachers, their focus on inclusion, increase the availability of quality teaching material as well as address where most crucial gaps are in the physical environment in schools. Obstacles at household level are addressed with a dual approach by working with individual families while also building the capacity of community based organisations.