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Partner survey: How are we performing?

We strive to always be better to have more positive impact around the world with our partners. Therefore, we have asked our partners to tell us how we are performing as a foundation partner. What are we are doing right and where we can improve.

The survey was done anonymously from 63 colleagues across our international partnerships in #Biodiversity and #Education.

We have shared the results with our partners and in full transparency we also share it here.

The main result is that 86 % answered they are significantly or very satisfied with the partnership when compared to other donors.

What we are good at:
✔️ Our approach and partnership model
✔️ Providing qualified inputs that enhance the quality of the projects
✔️ Our engagement and flexibility during implementation

How we can add even more value in the future:
☝️ Leveraging project evidence for global influence and connecting partners with others
☝️ Supporting further fundraising and unlock funding from other sources
☝️ Strengthening collaborative communication and media presence

Find a more extensive presentation of the results in the link below.