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2022 - Striking a better balance

Achieving the highest possible impact with the resources we have available is what motivates our work in the Hempel Foundation. This requires operational excellence in all aspects of our work and just the right balance between taking leadership and putting trust in our partners. In 2022, the Hempel Foundation moved forward on all these aspects.

In 2022, the Hempel Foundation donated EUR 21.4 million worldwide. We continued achieving maximum impact by strengthening our own operations, working with great partners and taking leadership for change.


We doubled our annual reach and supported 250,000 more children with foundational learning. Our grants totaled EUR 6.4 million.


In 2022, we committed EUR 7 million and now have 15 projects with 9 partners sustaining biodiversity in 2.6 million hectares of tropical forest. Additionally, we invested in 775 hectares of nature and agriculture in Denmark to create one of the most important nature sites in the country and a beacon for the promotion of biodiversity.

National donations

In Denmark, we supported over 170 organizations with a total of EUR 3.7 million - including 105 donations for water sport activities for children and youth.