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Higher quality in reading and writing in Kupang, Indonesia

We have worked with Save the Children in Indonesia since 2014 to improve quality in teaching, learning, and child literacy skills - especially at primary school level.

  • Where
    Kupang, Indonesien
  • Focus area
  • Duration
    6 years
    Januar 2014 - June 2020
  • Economy
    Hempel Foundation: DKK 8.9 million
Prime partner: Save the Children

95% of Indonesian children go to school, and 93% pass their primary school. But learning levels are low - especially in rural areas, and that means many children leave school with lacking proficiency and poor prospects for a better life. 

We engage local authorities to secure permanent and sustainable change

From 2014 to 2016 2,250 children from the Kupang district in the Nusa Tenggara Timor were supported in attaining their rights to high-quality education and boosting their literacy skills.

Building on the results and experience from this first phase (2014-2016) the project is now aiming to achieve improved reading skills amongst 1500 early grade students across 13 primary schools in the Kupang District, by ensuring a quality learning environment and increased engagement of communities and local government to support school improvement.