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Access to quality basic education in Yunnan, China

To enable poor and ethnic minority children in Yunnan to attain access to improved primary school education, we will improve the quality of learning environments in basic education by building the capacity of children and teachers on child-centred methodologies and awareness of child rights and protection.

  • Where
    Dali, China
  • Focus area
  • Duration
    3 years
    September 2015 - August 2018
  • Economy
    Hempel Foundation: DKK 3 million
Prime partner: Save the Children

The project is situated in Dali, which is an autonomous prefecture situated in the northwest of Yunnan with a population of 3 million people, 33% of which are Bai minority. Nine counties in the Dali prefecture are listed on the national list of extremely poor counties in China.

Due to the economic and social situation the quality of basic education in Yunnan is poor, and the formal school curriculum lacks relevance to the local context in Yunnan. Ethnic children often graduate with few directly applicable skills to help them in their lives after schools. Their parents, who are mostly undereducated, need support on effective parenting and providing a supportive home environment for children. Furthermore, the capacity of the local government to provide quality education services for children is low.

The project will enhance children’s self-confidence, adaptability to school life and motivation to learn

This is done by teaching life skills in schools and training parents to support their children’s education. The project will also support the local authorities' efforts in introducing long-term policies to improve the quality of primary school basic education in poor and ethnic minority areas in Yunnan.