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Venture Cup’s Mentor Programme

The Hempel Foundation was involved in initiating Venture Cup’s Mentor Programme, which since 2014 has been helping to bridge the gap between the business community and young students at Danish universities.

Students with the ambition to start their own business can participate in a 6-month mentor programme.

The mentor programme has become the largest student-mentoring programme in Scandinavia. Today it is made up of 391 mentors, and in the four years of its existence 549 start-ups have finished the programme. 

The mentor programme focuses particularly on a good match between mentors and mentees, based on both professional and personal variables. The collaboration with the mentors enables the students to develop, and receive guidance on how to realise their innovative ideas and then commercialise them.

The Hempel Foundation supports the programme because we believe it is important to promote an entrepreneur culture in Denmark and provide young students with the best opportunities for starting up their own businesses.

A review of the Mentor Programme shows: 

  • 92 pct. of startups would recommend the programme to others
  • 70 pct. of startups reckon that the programme has had a positive effect on their revenue
  • 89 pct. of startups reckon that their mentor has brought them closer to releasing an actual product onto the market

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Venture Cup's Mentoring Programme