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Four new partnerships to empower children to learn

With a new commitment of DKK 68.5 million to education projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America the Hempel Foundation takes a significant step towards our strategic ambition to empower children to learn in the most effective and sustainable way.

So far our work has reached approximately 100,000 children. We have gained valuable experience in helping some of the world’s most vulnerable children get quality basic education. And now we are starting four new strategic partnerships that will lead us in the second wave of our strategic work on education. 

The partnerships will help us provide better education for children while letting us extract useful knowledge on how to achieve the biggest impact when it comes to educating children where education is most needed.

Thereby helping us maintain and enhance our focus on breaking down the barriers for children – particularly girls – in rural areas to obtain quality primary education.

The partnerships include new projects with Save the Children in Bangladesh, Oxfam IBIS in Bolivia and Guatemala, UNICEF in Rwanda and South Africa and strengthen existing projects with SOS Children’s Villages in Ethiopia, Somaliland and Tanzania. All of the four organisations have been trusted collaborators to the Hempel Foundation and we look forward to reinforcing our joint commitment to providing education opportunities for children in need.

Not only will these partnerships in time help us triple our annual contribution to battling the international learning crisis. They also manifest that we have dedicated ourselves to co-create with partners with a particular focus on three strategic parameters: 

New solutions

We will pay increasing attention to develop new and more efficient solutions with opportunity for scale and replication both within and outside the national contexts of the specific projects.

Evaluation and quality assurance

We will ensure a strong focus on impact across all projects and evaluate performance to gain a better understanding of successes and failures in the projects we support.


We will share lessons learned to add value to the global education agenda and to motivate and inspire others to break down the barriers for children to attain their right to education.


Our new partnerships