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Flexibility during Covid-19

Our approach to changes in our projects caused by Covid-19

In the Hempel Foundation's philanthropic work, we have a long-term perspective. We are therefore focused on supporting our projects and activities in their work to make a significant positive difference. We remain so, despite the circumstances that have arisen as a result of Covid-19.

In relation to projects and partnerships, we currently take the following approach:

  • The Foundation has a high degree of flexibility in relation to schedules. We recognize that both activities may be postponed and targets extended.
  • The Foundation has a high degree of flexibility in relation to budgets. We are prepared to discuss the use of the reserves allocated in the budget, and we are also prepared to discuss whether re-prioritization can be made in the already decided budgets.

All changes and adjustments to supported projects will require the written approval of the Foundation.

From previous epidemics we know that there is a very high risk that when children in need have been out of school - they will not come back. Especially in times of rising poverty. That is why we have reached out to our partners to discuss with them what we can do to ensure that as many children as possible return to their school.

To this end, we have donated DKK 4 million to support four of our main partners in their local responses to Covid-19, including provision of extra educational activities, improving school hygiene, information campaigns and covering basic expenses of the poorest families related to sending children to school.

In years to come, COVID-19 will cause even more poverty and limit access to education for the most vulnerable children in the world. Focus on education was never more important.