A quality boost to the public school system in Greenland

A historical joint effort to boost quality in Greenland's public school system significantly has been initiated by Greenland’s five municipalities with support from four large foundations - including the Hempel Foundation.

  • Where
  • Focus area
  • Duration
    5 years
    2018 - 2022
  • Economy
    Hempel Foundation: DKK 15 million
    Total budget: DKK 150 million
Prime partners: The municipalities in Greenland, A.P. Møller Fonden, VILLUM FONDEN, Oak Foundation Denmark

The current situation

  • 70% of the pupils in schools in Greenland do not pass all their final exams in primary school and therefore are not able to apply for a secondary education without taking extra courses
  • As a result only 40% continues to study after primary school
  • The approximately 8,000 students in Greenland attend school in approximately 80 schools. Some of the schools only have 5-10 pupils and are unreachable in some part of the year
  • 250 open teacher positions. That corresponds to the fact that every fifth seat in the teacher's lounge is empty
With a new underwater cable highspeed internet will be available to 92% of the public. So we use technology to boost the entire public school system and require commited coorporation between local authorities

With support from the Hempel Foundation and three other Danish foundations, all five municipalities in Greenland have joined forces to develop and implement a common school project. The goal of the project is that primary school pupils in Greenland after five years will receive higher grades and that more young people will continue to study after primary school.

With technology as a mean, the municipalities will rethink the pedagogic initiatives in public primary school and create basis for a new way of teaching and learning.  

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