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Our application process

How to apply for grants

It is possible to apply all year around and applications are processed at the 4-5 annual committee meetings.

The committee plans to meet on the following dates in 2021. If you wish to have an application considered, please submit the application no later than 14 days before the scheduled meeting.

2. februar
6. april
15. juni
1. september
8. november

Applications are submitted via a digital application form, as described below.

It is important that you are informed about our focus areas before submitting an application

How to create a user 

It is only possible to apply on the basis of a Danish company registration number (CVR), but if you apply from a foreign company, organisation, association, etc. please write 00000000.
You can either create a user with NemID Employee Signature or Personal NemID, please see instructions below. If you do not have either please write us at to get a login and username.

Create a user with NemID Employee Signature

If the user is created with NemID Employee Signature, you can apply on behalf of a company, association, organisation, etc. Your application is hereby automatically associated with the company/association/organisation/ to which the NemID Employee Signature belongs.

Under the user you have to fill in the boxes with your own contact information, but further in the application form, contact information on the formal applicant (association/company/organisation) is to be completed. All mails from the Foundation regarding the application will be sent to the formal applicant's email address or the email address chosen.

Create a user with Personal NemID

If the user is created with a Personal NemID, the application is attached to you as a person, but later in the application form you have to state that you apply on behalf of an association/company/organisation and complete the information on this.

Create and complete an application

Create an application by selecting a purpose and then fill in all the information. Some of the boxes are obligatory and marked with * which means that the system will require the information before you submit your application. Some documents are also required and are to be uploaded as an attachment, e.g. project description, project budget and financing plan. Attachments can be PDF, JPG or PNG of max. 20 MB.

It is possible to move around between the different parts of the application, and you do not have to fill in the entire application at once.  As long as you do not submit your application, you can change it and add to it.

Submit your application

When you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation.

If you have questions regarding the application form or problems with your application, feel free to contact, project coordinator, Rie Hammershøi on phone +45 45 27 30 74.

The processing of your application

The processing time is about 4-6 month depending on when the committee meetings are held.  

If you receive a donation from the Hempel Foundation, we will send you a grant notification letter  to your email. The letter will state the donation amount and explains how you will receive your donation.

If we choose to reject your application, we will also send you an email, but because we receive a great number of applications every year, we are not able to give any explanation of rejections.